Our “Weird Little Flashlight” Becomes A Crazy Popular Gift Idea

When we started building Bite2Lite flashlights we never knew how fast these weird little flashlights would become so popular.  The amount of sales in the first year has astounded us, and we thank all of our fans and customers for their support. . Bite2Lite Pro model coming soon… Stay tuned to us either on Facebook… Read More »

Bite2Lite – Is This The World’s Best Fisherman’s Flashlight?

Word is getting out that the new and amazing Bite2Lite flashlight is incredibly useful for fishermen whether they are ice fishing, night fishing, or just need a hands free flashlight to get their boat in the water. Best Fishing Flashlight? Not only are ice fishermen raving about how useful this small flashlight is, but other… Read More »

Bite2Lite Flashlight Now Available For Purchase On Amazon

The Bite2Lite is now available for purchase on Amazon.  The Bite2Lite 3-pack is most popular and goes for $17.97, shipping included for Amazon Prime members. The single packs are $7.95.  Colors of the Bite2Lite vary. The customer response to this amazing little LED flashlight has been incredible. People are finding all kinds of uses for… Read More »

Bite2Lite Amazon Launch Scheduled For January 20th, 2016

Bite2Lite Final Design The final Bite2Lite design is just about ready for production and plans are for it to be listed on Amazon by January 20th, 2015. Bite2Lite Availability At first we will ship from our manufacturing facility (with our online listing live on Amazon) and then within a couple of weeks (or so) they should… Read More »

Bite2Lite Review and Product Launch

The Bite2Lite product launch has commenced.   Bite2Lite Mini LED Flashlights are now available on Amazon – Click Here! Bite2Lite is a simple product that most everyone can use at one time or another in a vast array of applications.  See a Review of the Bite2Lite on Madprogress.com. We’ll be detailing and reviewing the development… Read More »