Action Shots

The Bite2Lite Flashlight Has Many Uses And Nearly Every Day Someone Gives Us A Review Or Testimonial And Tells Us A New Way That The Bite2Lite Mini LED Flashlight Comes In Handy.  Here Are Some Pictures.

Bite2Lite Uses And Action Shots

best small flashlight image


Small and Bright LED Flashlight

bite2lite flashlight testimonial image


Workshop Flashlight

bite2lite flashlight product use image


In fact, all of the uses for this handy little Bite2Lite flashlight have yet to be discovered.

Plumbing Flashlight

plumbers flashlight

When you need to work with two hands in tight spaces like under the sink, the Bite2Lite comes in real handy.

Hiking Flashlight

hiker's flashlight

The Bite2Lite is great for hiking in the woods at night.

Nighttime Reading Flashlight

reading flashlight

When you don’t want to disturb your partner, the Bite2Lite is great for reading at night or in the car.

Repairman’s Flashlight

repairman's flashlight

The Bite2Lite is great for repairmen and technicians that need to see in tight spaces

Electrician’s Flashlight

electricians flashlight

Every electrician should own at least one Bite2Lite flashlight.

Mechanic’s Flashlight

mechanics flashlight

The Bite2Lite Flashlight is great for mechanics.

Flashlight For Hobbyists

hobbyist flashlight

Anyone with any kind of hobby loves that the Bite2Lite flashlight provides excellent light to see in all of those small spaces.

Fishing Flashlight

fishing and tacklebox flashlight

The Bite2Lite flashlight is one of the best lights to have in your fishing tackle box.

Flashlight For Technicians

technicians LED flashlight

Technicians of all kinds love the Bite2Lite flashlight.

We’ll keep adding more Bite2Lite testimonial pictures. We’ve heard from Bering Sea fishermen, Yachtsmen, Sailing Clubs, Boaters, Campers, and more about how great this little LED flashlight that you can “bite to light” has helped improve their jobs and their lives.