Bite2Lite – Is This The World’s Best Fisherman’s Flashlight?

By | May 2, 2016

Word is getting out that the new and amazing Bite2Lite flashlight is incredibly useful for fishermen whether they are ice fishing, night fishing, or just need a hands free flashlight to get their boat in the water.

Best Fishing Flashlight?

Not only are ice fishermen raving about how useful this small flashlight is, but other fishermen (and hunters, and outdoorsmen and women) are finding that this tiny (but bright)¬†LED¬†light is a “must have” tool to have in their arsenal.

More and more testimonials are coming in for this amazing little flashlight on a lanyard.

Inventor of the Bite2Lite Flashlight mike Talo

The Bite2Lite is now available on Amazon and other select retailers.